USCAL Apostolic Summit – Newark, NJ Report by Frank Duprée

On February 17th the Newark Area Council of Apostolic Leaders, led by Apostles Bernard Wilks and Frank Duprée, invited USCAL Convener Joseph Mattera to co-sponsor an Apostolic Summit in the City of Newark, NJ. The Summit had 55 leaders from the Church and the Community in attendance. Frank Duprée opened the Summit and introduced Joseph Mattera who shared the USCAL 4 R Vision of: Restoration, Reconciliation, Revival and Reformation. Bernard Wilks then led a discussion on the Ministry of the Apostle in the New Testament.

Bishop Duprée shared about the importance of Apostolic Leaders functioning in the Church today emphasizing their governmental position and influence on the Church and the Culture. The consensus of the group was that this was an informative and necessary step in the “Apostolic Alignment” of the Leaders of the City of Newark and its environs. A number of the attendees are now in the process of becoming Members of the US Coalition of Apostolic Leaders.


© 2015 Bishop Frank Duprée



Posted on February 20, 2015 .