Testimonial Letter about 2016 Prayer Summit by Dr. Ronald V Burgio

Dear Bishop Mattera,

I want to thank you for your creative God idea to have the USCAL Prayer Summit at Rock Church. Apostle Bart Pierce was an excellent host, and his pastoral and support teams served us well.

Monday evening prayer and worship time was particularly powerful for me personally. Soaking in His Presence was so strengthening to my spirit, soul, and body. I also received revelatio...n about my own ministry. Tuesday morning was absolutely a wonderful time of prayer and intercession. Hearing from the apostles and prophets as they prayed was very inspirational and insightful. I look forward to coming together next year.

In His Love and Service,


© 2016 Dr. Ronald V Burgio



Posted on January 24, 2016 .

USCAL PRAYER SUMMIT – Baltimore, MD Report by Frank Duprée

USCAL PRAYER SUMMIT - January 11-12, 2016

Monday evening the gathering began at Rock City Church in Baltimore, MD. Bishop Bart Pierce was our Host and we gathered in the Sanctuary for Worship and Prayer. Part of his worship was with us to lead us as we sang and they accompanied us as we prayed. Our Theme for the evening was set by Bishop Joseph Mattera, our National Convener. He led us to pray for the Church “To Awake”. Prayers went up and as we moved into that prayer theme the power of the Lord manifested among us. Several came to the podium and led in prayers from the heart. Then, after a sustained time of instrumental worship Bishop Pierce came forward and read from Job 39:19-25 brought to mind the characteristics of the War Horse… and encouraged us to go into the battle before us in like manner:

19  “Have you given the horse its strength or clothed its neck with a flowing mane? 20  Did you give it the ability to leap like a locust? Its majestic snorting is terrifying! 21  It paws the earth and rejoices in its strength when it charges out to battle. 22  It laughs at fear and is unafraid. It does not run from the sword. 23  The arrows rattle against it, and the spear and javelin flash. 24  It paws the ground fiercely and rushes forward into battle when the ram’s horn blows. 25  It snorts at the sound of the horn. It senses the battle in the distance. It quivers at the captain’s commands and the noise of battle.


Tuesday morning we gathered again. More members came in and Bishop Joe gave us the theme of prayer for our Nation…


Bob Englehardt prayed a powerful, dynamic prayer…

Carol Sewell prayed…

Les Bowling came forward…

Frank Dupree led us…

Al Warner prayed…

And others too. Each heart cried out and brought us into a deep sense of Unity and Conviction and Purpose…


We, The Body of Christ, matter and make a difference!


Prayer was offered for Baltimore, our Host City. A mighty, strong, powerful manifestation of God was with us. We laid hands on Bishop Bart Pierce and certain specific prophetic words were given to him. Doors were flung open in the spiritual realm!


Then Bishop Joe asked for prayer for our BRIDGE CONFERENCE taking place on June 14-15. The focus for this conference is the joining together of two generations of Apostolic Leaders… The current generation represented by USCAL and the generation that is emerging more and more; the FUTURES ALLIANCE; the new initiative of USCAL.


This is to be a movement that is birthed by the fathers but not directed by the fathers so that it is a genuine move of the Holy Spirit.

It is not to be an orchestrated event… it is to be a synergistic movement of the favor of God not bound by the ways of the past but released to the openness of the future…


We prayed that this conference will draw young men and women, business leaders and future apostles but that there will not be a preplanning, pre-programming or pre-setting anything that would limit what God wants to do in the next generation. But may we go to a new place in God!

We prayed for a Holy Contagion that would bring outbreaks in cities, communities, businesses, gatherings and meetings where GOD would show up! Where we would not define what God wants to do but that we would be OPEN to what God would do!!! Another Pentecost where people, not understanding what is happening might think they are drunk but that the power of the Holy Spirit in this next move would be as “The Ark coming into Jerusalem” where “No man puts his hand to the Ark” but that it is carried upon the “Shoulders -  the Apostolic Leaders” that carry it as they should; in the Awesome fear of the Lord.


After the break today we came back and we were overcome by His Presence as the Rock City Church worshippers carried us into His Presence on the wings of their songs… These songs were written in His Presence to sustain those who come to Him… We were not disappointed…


The last prayers were led by several members of USCAL… We prayed for the Persecuted Church and especially those where ISIS is ravaging the land. With tears and intercessions, we called out to heaven one more time… Prayers of mercy, compassion and even forgiveness went up to the Throne. Repentance for the terrible acts of cruelty and murder by the Crusaders “in the Name of Christ” were made too… As Solomon had prayed: “Our fathers have sinned and we repent” was heard and The Court of Heaven was satisfied; the peace of God rested on us. The persecuted Church in the Philippines, in Nigeria along with other nations and China wafted up to Heavens Gates… Then, upon request by Bishop Joe our Host, Bishop Bart Pierce asked all those from USCAL to stand and we were surrounded by prayers from those from Rock City Church who had been praying along with us. Bishop Bart blessed us and we said our “Goodbyes” to one another. We will be back again next January, Lord willing, on the 9-10, 2017. Our prayer is that many, many more of our Members join us as we offer to God the “First Fruits” of the New Year once again. 


NOTE: Eight members of the National Council were at the Summit and we gathered during the break in Bishop Bart’s office. We shared some thoughts and feelings about being together in this Holy Atmosphere of Prayer… Bob Englehart from the Catskill’s in NY said that this was the most influential and important prayer meeting he has ever been in. Les Bowling came from Ohio and commented: “It is so good to be at a Prayer meeting that is a Prayer Meeting!” Al Warner and Rob Burgio came from Buffalo and had a unique encounter here. Rob was saved in Baltimore and rejoiced to be back here in this special place. Rock City Church hosted the Presence of God for 3 ½ years from 1997 to 2000. Tommy Tenney wrote THE GOD CHASERS here at RCC during that special time. Bishop Joe shared that these were some of the reasons to hold this Prayer Summit here. Bishop Bart shared that he felt that the most powerful offering is the First Fruits Offering and by coming here in the first month of the year we were honoring God with the best we had… All I could say is that I saw the Hand of God over the Sanctuary during the afternoon season of prayer… He was “doing a new thing” and I am so excited and blessed to be a part of it.


© 2015 Bishop Frank Duprée    frankdupree.com



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Review of ICAL Annual Conference 2015 by D. A. Sherron



"The illiterate of the 21st Century are not those who can read or write, but those who cannot

learn, unlearn, and relearn." -Alvin Toffler


My experience at ICAL was unforgettable! I never imagined that I would be able to sit and gleam from so much wisdom. ICAL was a learning experience as I watched men I've admired both fathers and mentors, sit and be taught and re-tooled. ICAL has masterfully created a culture that was authentic and RARE!

First, there was a culture of Humility. Everyone was equal and there was not an ounce of pride in any speaker or attendee! My cup was overflowing from the speakers and at the lunch table!

Second, there was a culture of Honor. Everyone honored those above them and received insight from every speaker, regardless to where they were from! The chemistry and camaraderie was dynamic! There was no competition, just pure ministry!

Thirdly, everyone was Hungry! The atmosphere was pregnant with information and rich impartation. You left each session filled to the brim! I literally had to just sit and allow what was being taught to be digested.

Finally, there was a culture of Hope. Listening to what's being done for the discipling of nations brought tears to my eyes! Leaders all around the world were releasing strategy. I felt my baby leap! ICAL taught me how to bring ministry and marketplace leaders together and how to leverage my influence in my city for breakthrough results!

I feel like I'm on FIRE! Honored to be apart of this movement and can't wait to see what else the Father has in store for us! The best is yet to come!


© 2016 D. A. Sherron, USA



Posted on January 7, 2016 .

A Dream for the United States of America by Simon Braker


A dream for the United States of America  

I found myself sat in what can only be described as a frantic courtroom  

I sat and watched as one witness after another presented their evidence 

One came forward and shouted with tears look at this wickedness! 

I looked and saw horrific pictures of dead babies and children, 

Then another came and shouted look at this greed 

Then another look at this pride 

Then another look at this corruption  

This went on as more and more irrefutable evidence of guilt was given. 

It got to the point that the courtroom was in  a frenzy of outrage 

Yet the high judge just sat and listened until every accusation had been given and all the evidence had been submitted, 

Once all this was done he still sat silent, 

All the people stood and chanted guilty guilty judge them judge them!   

Finally with a loud voice the judge said silence!! 

Immediately every person became silent and sat down 

The judge spoke and said-  I have heard all and seen all, the guilt of these lands of the United States of America is in deed great!  

I have decided judgment is indeed due and right! 

The people cheered,  he commanded them to be silent! 

Before I pass my judgment I have one last witness, can the Holy Spirit take the stand please, 

An old woman came forward she was old but not frail in any way her eyes shone as she stood in the doc- 

The judge spoke-  do you have your evidence? 

I do indeed and she pointed to the video screen 

There appeared an image of a small child on her knees praying then a teenager then an adult, image after image appeared of more and more Believers of every age, class and race falling to their knees in prayer, then screen went black, 

The judge spoke- is this the last of your evidence? 

The old woman responded Yes! 

Please step down the judge replied, 

All eyes in the room were fixed on him, 

Your evidence is indeed compelling, yet the guilt of this land is indeed great, in fact it grows daily I have therefore chosen judgment,  

He place a black cloth over his head took the hammer in his hand and struck the gavel and said I find this land worth of......... 

A Great revival the likes of which has never been seen before or will be seen again!  as he said this blood poured forth from his throne and swept every accuser out of the room, 

I then saw a map of the United States going up in flames as God began the answer the prayers of his burning ones, 

the Lord spoke and said,  the guilt of this land is indeed great but my praying church and my shed blood is greater!  so I grant a great revival that will take every street town and city  

For I will not have the cries of my people unheard,  this land will arise and she will indeed shine! 

in what seems to be her darkest hour she shall shine at her brightest!


© 2015 Simon Braker, UK



Posted on November 6, 2015 .

USCAL Apostolic Summit – Newark, NJ Report by Frank Duprée

On February 17th the Newark Area Council of Apostolic Leaders, led by Apostles Bernard Wilks and Frank Duprée, invited USCAL Convener Joseph Mattera to co-sponsor an Apostolic Summit in the City of Newark, NJ. The Summit had 55 leaders from the Church and the Community in attendance. Frank Duprée opened the Summit and introduced Joseph Mattera who shared the USCAL 4 R Vision of: Restoration, Reconciliation, Revival and Reformation. Bernard Wilks then led a discussion on the Ministry of the Apostle in the New Testament.

Bishop Duprée shared about the importance of Apostolic Leaders functioning in the Church today emphasizing their governmental position and influence on the Church and the Culture. The consensus of the group was that this was an informative and necessary step in the “Apostolic Alignment” of the Leaders of the City of Newark and its environs. A number of the attendees are now in the process of becoming Members of the US Coalition of Apostolic Leaders.


© 2015 Bishop Frank Duprée    frankdupree.com



Posted on February 20, 2015 .