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Restoration - Reconciliation - Revival - Reformation by Joseph Mattera

One of the first goals of the national coalitions is to help restore the church to the simplicity, authenticity and effectiveness of the (Apostolic) New Testament church model. The apostolic church in the first century was marked with rapid growth that resulted in penetrating every aspect of culture resulting in transforming the Roman Empire within three centuries!

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5 Absolute Musts for Racial Reconciliation by Joseph Mattera

When it comes to reconciliation, there are five ways to break it down.
Several weeks ago, my dear friend Bishop Harry Jackson called a few leaders and discussed his plans to initiate an event to deal with the issue of the worsening racial divide in America. The result was "The Reconciled Church" event on Jan. 15 (providentially the date of Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday), which was hosted by Bishop T.D. Jakes in the Potter's House church in Dallas, Texas.  

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The Ministry of Apostle in Contemporary Times by Joseph Mattera

The book of Ephesians 4:10-16 teaches us that the ministry gift of apostle will continue to function so that Christ can fill all things (every realm of society) until we come to full maturity in Christ as a church. Obviously these two things have not yet happened. So the question arises: What would the ministry of apostle look like in today’s world?

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