Bridge Summit 2019 Roundtables
Tuesday, June 11th
2:30pm - 5:30 pm

session 1
2:30 pm - 4:00 pm


 Table 1 - Emerging Apostolic Movements and Strategies Today

Led by: John Kelly & Alan Hirsch
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Guest Panelist: Ron Cottle, Dave Carey, Glen Shaffer, Jeff McCracken


Table 4 - Introducing CONNEXUS NATIONAL

Led by: Dr. Greg Williamson & Kristina Hosch 
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  • The Mission Why to join How it will impact churches and communities 

  • The Cost and Criteria 

  • Creating National Hubs  

session 2
4:00 pm - 5:30 pm


Table 2 - Church Planting and Growth Without Compromise

Led by: Mark Driscoll & Dale Bronner 
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Guest Panelist: Michael Moore, Vince Thomas, Jr.

Table 3 - Boundaries, Stressors & Emotional Health 

Led by: Dr. Paul Van Valen 
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Guest Panelist: Doug Stringer , Paul Van Valen, Rob Englehart, Joe Infranco, Terry Moore 


Table 4 - Releasing The Power And Presence Of God In The Church

Led by: Bishop Bart Pierce
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Guest Panelist: Julia Wade,Tim Hamon, Ken Fish , Mary Glazier, John Benefiel 



Table 5 - Going from A –Z- Fulfilling Your Purpose with Strategic Planning 

Led by: Steve Fedyski
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Guest Panelist: Ray Mott, Andrew Momon, Randall Langley


Table 6 - How to Disciple and Produce Entrepreneurs and Proprietors

Led by: Dr. Buddy Crum
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Guest Panelist: Kristina Hosch, Chantell Cooley 


Table 7 - Futures Statesmen /  Mind-molders of Culture 

Led by: Dennis Peacocke, Andrew Momon & Ned Maraman  
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Guest Panelist: Steve Trujillo, Jason Mattera , Mark Gonzalez, Jessie Rogers