Separation of Church and State by Jim Garlow

We hear much about separation of church and state. The question is the proper—and I repeat “proper”—separation of church and state?

The answer is to realize that the civil government has authority for national defense.

However, the church is considerably better predisposed to the welfare of individuals and families.

Long before the government became so involved in the early 1900s—the church had an excellent track record of providing for the poor and needy.

The greatest philanthropic endeavors throughout history have been because of the church.

The calling of Christ to love the widow, the orphan and one’s neighbor—is the DNA of authentic Christ followers.  In fact, it’s pervasiveness of the “image of God” on every person, the impulse to help is not merely a Christian phenomenon.  It is evidence of God’s redemptive ‘fingerprint” on the human spirit!


Posted on April 20, 2017 .