What is the Futures Alliance?

Futures Alliance is a component of United States Coalition of Apostolic Leaders initiated to advance the Apostolic Movement and to perpetuate the Apostolic Movement into the next two generations. The vision is to connect, equip, and mentor future Fivefold leadership in the church and marketplace.


Joseph Mattera had a vision to connect the generations so the Apostolic Movement would not die out over next ten years. This resulted in forming the Futures Alliance as a component of the USCAL.


Our purpose is to connect multi-generational cultural influencers to synergize their creativity to depict the beauty of God for the renewal of all things. In July of 2015 Joseph Mattera and Frank Duprée met with 4 young Leaders for an ad hoc meeting. The four of them were very excited about the prospect of this alliance. To facilitate this new alliance we planned to hold a 75 minute, monthly conference call and we also planned on having at least one annual conference for the purpose of engendering networking, cross pollination, and deepening relationships between seasoned and younger leaders.

We already have more than 30 Futures Alliance members and we have held three monthly conference calls in the fall of 2015. Steve Fedyski, Sam Chand and Dale Bronner have been our speakers so far. Mark Chirrona will be our speaker in December of 2015.

Those who are recommended for membership in the Futures Alliance must meet this Criteria:

  • Must be between 20-40 years old

  • Must function in at least one of the Fivefold Ministry Gifts and have already demonstrated high impact leadership in the church or marketplace

  • Must embrace a heart of humility

  • Must walk in integrity and faithfulness

  • Must be reliable and have a heart to learn and be in community

The USCAL will hold a FUTURES ALLIANCE CONFERENCE in June on 2016. The theme will be: “The Generational Kingdom” This will be an INVITATION ONLY EVENT for USCAL Members and Futures Alliance Members and those who fit our criteria.

The conference will be held in Atlanta, GA and will be hosted by Dale Bronner. The first day will be our National Council gathering and after that we will hold two days of Panel Discussions with Futures Alliance Members and the Plenary Session will have Senior USCAL Members as the Speakers.

There is much excitement already…