The 4R vision is a comprehensive but simple way of explaining the mission of USCAL.  

The 4R Vision is:

  • Restoration of the Church

  • Reconciliation

  • Revival  

  • Reformation

R -Restore the church to the mission and method of the way of Jesus and the apostles
R- Reconciliation between ethnic leaders and churches
R- Revive the church to expand kingdom influence
R- Reformation of society and the discipling of the nations

Restoration of the Church  

One of the first goals of the national coalitions is to help restore the church to the simplicity, authenticity and effectiveness of the (Apostolic) New Testament church model. The apostolic church in the first century was marked with rapid growth that resulted in penetrating every aspect of culture resulting in transforming the Roman Empire within three centuries!  

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The US Coalition or Apostolic Leaders is emerging from the International Coalition of Apostolic Leaders (ICAL) which was conceived in Singapore in 1999 by a group ...